About Us

Our Goals

LendingBloc is committed to increasing small business access to capital by delivering competitive lending solutions, transparent information, and lending platforms that meets your needs. We understand that working with an alternative lender can be a bit disconcerting, at first, which is why we dedicate ourselve to ensuring our clients completely understand all options presented and what it means to their business.

Our Story

LendingBloc was born from the outcry of business owners who have thriving business' but had been rejected by the very institutions who they chose to bank with. We are helping lead the revolution in hybrid finance, focusing less on a business owner’s credit score and more on the overall health of their business. If a business has good cash flow, loyal customers, and a profitable outlook, why shouldn’t they be approved?

LendingBloc was built on the simple idea that lending doesn't have to be complicated or based on a single number. We let you know exactly where you stand from the moment you start an application to the moment you receive the funds. Business lending needs to be personal, which was the catalyst behind LendingBloc; most importantly lending needs to serve business owners not just big box banks.

We craft a unique lending solutions.


Endless possibilities & opportunities.


Lending solutions that ensures your organization can grow and thrive, providing you peace of mind.